Contract Spirituality

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If I must meet a standard have a loving relationship to with God; that means I have to agree to a contract with God. It specifies the dos and don’ts and if I meet that standard I may come closer.

I always know there’s a contract involved when I hear words like worthy and deserving.

Worth and deserve (among other words) are expressions of concepts that work well in the physical world, in the market place. They can clarify what’s expected in a financial matter where goods and services are exchanged. They can also be used in the day to day practicalities of relationship.

A relationship with God is not contractual; it can’t be purchased with money or good deeds.

Redemption is gifted to me by grace.

Grace invites my return to relationship with God (redemption). All I need to be is present to spirit, know it with my being. If I’ve truly joined with the Creator then I will need few if any do’s and don’ts. I will be present to the divine and to my soul.

My soul cries out to fulfill the purpose for which it was created by God. My soul will drive my service, a co-creator of the universe.

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