Spiritual Seeking

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The purpose of pursuing the spiritual is not to become a perfect or more perfect person; it’s to become one with God.

To think of myself as an entity separate from God, an imperfect entity that needs perfecting is to separate myself from God until I’m perfected, an impossibility.

Striving to be perfect means I’m willing to be separate from the power of the universe and its love on the off chance I will be perfect someday.

In my quest to be perfect I’ve followed rules and formulas. I’ve spent my time navigating the rules in order to just be acceptable. Perfection was all that was acceptable.

I have never been able to pull it off. I always fall short. Someone (usually me) always seems to find fault with what I’m doing or how I’m doing it.

It’s impossible to escape “them”, you know those people, “they” seem to say what’s acceptable.

I have come to know that, since I’m an idea in the mind of God made manifest in the physical world, I was created acceptable, more than enough, and don’t need to earn that distinction.

My spiritual quest therefore is to shed the societal conditioning that stands between me and God.

Being aware of my kinship to the creator, the divine, is to be whole.

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