I Grow In A Garden

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I was planted in fertile ground of good moist nutrient rich soil. I sprouted with hopeful anticipation but got distracted. I saw the others who were planted nearby and thought them better than I. I thought them better, stronger, more … Read More


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/änˈwē/ noun a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement. “he succumbed to ennui and despair” As I sit here trying to think about what I should jot down here, I’m imagining I’m walking in stiff … Read More


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It’s prudent to pay attention to the weather, traffic and other potential dangers. When I’m aware, from my true self, I can discern which hazards are real from those conjured by my over blown ego. I can release the ego … Read More

My Calling

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My genius is the ability to create sacred space. My calling is to perform rituals that create sacred spaces that provide a safe place for people to heal, to drop their toxic elements, and to connect with the divine through … Read More

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