My Calling

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My genius is the ability to create sacred space.

My calling is to perform rituals that create sacred spaces that provide a safe place for people to heal, to drop their toxic elements, and to connect with the divine through their soul.

I do this as part of an organization A Gathering of Men ( I also attend sweat lodge ceremonies and pour water (officiate) from time to time.

I’m not a medicine man. I do have a shaman’s call, but I only find it affective with those close to me. So, being part of a loving community is important to me. When my soul is connected to other’s I am able to be used as a means for healing.

I found this late in life so my knowledge and skills are still basic.

Growing my ability to be helpful is what’s important to me, it’s who I am.

As I proceed I hope to have opportunities to share this growth with others. I’m not looking for a following. I just on a journey.

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