Owning My Powerlessness

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As a child I was endowed by creator with resources that I didn’t understand or know the source of. I learned to use my resources but not how to replenish them. I became depleted and existed on the resources from outside myself from parents, teachers, bosses, preachers, and governments.

This didn’t fill me; I still was depleted but distracted myself with being supplied from outside.

My real emptiness kept growing.

Once distraction stopped working, I was confronted with my isolation and powerlessness. I endured the pain as long as I could, then broke.

In time I heard a small voice, a feeling that promised hope. I sat with this voice, this presence. In time I received direction for my next steps and the energy and power to walk my path.

Along the path I encountered others on a path of their own. I learned to see each as a divine being. I learned not to make judgments on the direction or the quality of their walk.

I am related to all people and to all things created. All on a path to return to the source.

I must remember to ask that my vision remain clear and my soul free from expectation and judgment.

This is difficult in a society that promotes extreme individualism. A society that separates people into boxes to be manipulated for the ends of the powerful and monied entities. These entities characterize any collective activity for the general welfare of all (especially the poor and marginalized) as socialism – an evil beyond comprehension and in violation of God’s law.

I will never have the power to defeat this. What I can do is look into my soul and find the peaceful loving presence that will direct my thoughts and actions.

What I do know is that I must act better than those wielding power for their own sake and join other like souls in behaving as the loving spirit that is the source.

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