The Coming Year

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What will this world bring? What will I make of the coming year?

I think the first question is one a victim would ask. It’s saying “I hope not too much crap happens, making my life hell. I feel unsafe in a violent chaotic world.

The question “What will I make of the coming year?” comes from within, recognizing my role in creation. I create my world and have what I need to make myself whole and prosperous. I have gifts to offer the world. I have love to give. I am called to serve.

For most of my life I’ve asked the universe “What’s next”.

Now, I resolve to ask myself “What can I be, create, love and serve?” and then do that.

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  1. John Thompson
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    Wonderful thoughts, Roy. We truly are the masters of our own destinies. What will I make of life? What will I contribute? These are indeed the questions that lead to Spirit and to happiness.

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