It began

Exploring the creek near where he was living, the twelve-year-old boy found himself at a spot he visited often. Sometimes he explored and played here with his brother or friends.

Although he arrived here by himself, he wasn’t alone. On the far bank a very large bullfrog sat at the water’s edge. Creeping up on the frog in a clumsy boyish way, he was astounded that he was able to grab the dinner plate size frog. As he lifted the amphibian it puffed itself up like a party balloon. All of a sudden its mouth opened emitting a piercing howl.

He quickly put the frog down, fearing he had killed it. He stared at it. Suddenly, it leaped into the creek disappearing in the murky water.

The seed was planted but wouldn’t germinate for over thirty years.

During a time of personal turmoil, depression and pain the man/boy finally let the seed germinate  embracing the spirit of this howling frog. He learned to dive deep for clean, cool water in his being and discovered a pathway connecting his soul to the divine.

Eventually he decided to let his soul howl like the frog.