Notes from a shaman’s journey.  

These are brief thoughts that have come to me while walking the spiritual path on my quest to become a better conduit for spirit.

While I will certainly come up with some insights, please remember (as I must) that I’m simply a fallible human being. This is why I allow comments on my posts, so you can share your experience with me.

My intent is not to teach but to share. If you share with me, chances are we’ll all learn something.

Anything you share from your personal journey is welcome. I will however delete comments from trolls and preachers.

I am also posting snippets and links from my teachers and others who inspire me.

And to be really gutsy I’ll post some of my creative pieces.

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I have issues with the word obedience. When I hear or see it in relation to God and religion. When I’m told to obey, I rebel. What my difficulties and trials have taught me is to transform “obey” to “accept.” … Read More

God in a Box
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I was given this box labeled “God”. In the box were all the instructions I needed. Here was what to know, how to pray and how to behave. It was all based on the idea that if I didn’t go … Read More

How I Know the Divine Voice
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I may not recognize the Divine Voice by words. Most times that still, small voice comes across wordlessly into my consciousness. My practice is a morning meditation, with my wife and writing in my prayer journal after some readings. I … Read More

New Year
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As I reflect on the year past, it’s too easy to get fixated on the hardship and isolation, plans cancelled and daily life altered by outside circumstances, However, I’m grateful I’ve been blessed with a good degree of presence and … Read More

Blessings, Deserved? Undeserved?
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By the standards of the external world of commerce and judgement, few, if any, deserve blessing. Blessing and esteem in this outer world is reserved for those who have punch a ticket or achieved a costly victory, with acceptable casualties … Read More

God Protects and Defends Me
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God protects and defends my soul. My body ages and fails, I become injured or sick, but my soul remains intact. Until my soul is released from my body I will be able to answer the call to service with … Read More