Notes from a shaman’s journey.  

These are brief thoughts that have come to me while walking the spiritual path on my quest to become a better conduit for spirit.

While I will certainly come up with some insights, please remember (as I must) that I’m simply a fallible human being. This is why I allow comments on my posts, so you can share your experience with me.

My intent is not to teach but to share. If you share with me, chances are we’ll all learn something.

Anything you share from your personal journey is welcome. I will however delete comments from trolls and preachers.

I am also posting snippets and links from my teachers and others who inspire me.

And to be really gutsy I’ll post some of my creative pieces.

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The Gift – Meditation
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Our soul (true self) contains a spec of the big bang, the original stuff. The soul is endowed with a genius. This genius is what we uniquely have to offer the world. This genius gets obscured by our social conditioning, … Read More

An Experience With Presence
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Recently I said a prayer as I was starting my least favorite chore – mowing the lawn. I had always mowed in anger. I asked for the ability to do the job without anger and to let the self-propelled mower … Read More

Stepping Back From Ego
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More and more I’ve come to understand that I become confused when my Ego yells loudly to overcome my soul. My Ego is always afraid, suspicious, judgmental and overbearing. At its best it wants to protect me but when I … Read More

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I’ve learned that I must carefully listen to stories – folk tales, fairy tales or even your story and notice what jumps  out at me and takes me to another place. It’s often a place I’ve forgotten, sometimes intentionally. A … Read More

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It’s Spring according to the calendar and the position of the Earth. Oh wait! That’s just the Northern Hemisphere. It’s autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Spring is a time of birth and rapid growth. It’s a time that shouts “youth.” … Read More

A Prayer
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