Notes from a shaman’s journey.  

These are brief thoughts that have come to me while walking the spiritual path on my quest to become a better conduit for spirit.

While I will certainly come up with some insights, please remember (as I must) that I’m simply a fallible human being. This is why I allow comments on my posts, so you can share your experience with me.

My intent is not to teach but to share. If you share with me, chances are we’ll all learn something.

Anything you share from your personal journey is welcome. I will however delete comments from trolls and preachers.

I am also posting snippets and links from my teachers and others who inspire me.

And to be really gutsy I’ll post some of my creative pieces.

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/änˈwē/ noun a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement. “he succumbed to ennui and despair” As I sit here trying to think about what I should jot down here, I’m imagining I’m walking in stiff … Read More

Great Expectations
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As a young boy December was filled with wish books and wild hopes for marvelous things – food, smells, presents and sounds. In the spirit of the season I become frenzied, sugared up and unbearable. After the Christmas events (amid … Read More

My Family Dance
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The interrelatedness of me with my family is a dance. It’s been a Foxtrot done to Tango music. The steps never synced with the beat, or rarely did. The composition of the music we danced by was a secret. Much … Read More

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I’m drawn to water, especially wild flowing water. I often wonder what draws me to live near water, especially rivers. Rivers move from a source and join other streams, eventually to the great Earth waters. These waters contain their own … Read More

Obedience Issues
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I have issues with the word obedience, especially in relation to God. When I’m told to obey, I rebel. I blanch at the sound of the word obedience or stumble across it in my reading. This hasn’t gone away with … Read More

Seeking Peace
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When I was much younger the way I sought peace with in me was to shout down the folks who made the noise I didn’t like. I didn’t get peace, but I did experience isolation. Another way I found peace … Read More