Notes from a shaman’s journey.  

These are brief thoughts that have come to me while walking the spiritual path on my quest to become a better conduit for spirit.

While I will certainly come up with some insights, please remember (as I must) that I’m simply a fallible human being. This is why I allow comments on my posts, so you can share your experience with me.

My intent is not to teach but to share. If you share with me, chances are we’ll all learn something.

Anything you share from your personal journey is welcome. I will however delete comments from trolls and preachers.

I am also posting snippets and links from my teachers and others who inspire me.

And to be really gutsy I’ll post some of my creative pieces.

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Owning My Powerlessness
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As a child I was endowed by creator with resources that I didn’t understand or know the source of. I learned to use my resources but not how to replenish them. I became depleted and existed on the resources from … Read More

The Coming Year
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What will this world bring? What will I make of the coming year? I think the first question is one a victim would ask. It’s saying “I hope not too much crap happens, making my life hell. I feel unsafe … Read More

I Grow In A Garden
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I was planted in fertile ground of good moist nutrient rich soil. I sprouted with hopeful anticipation but got distracted. I saw the others who were planted nearby and thought them better than I. I thought them better, stronger, more … Read More

Little Daily Fears
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Each day I run into my fears. Some are so small I don’t really notice them. But down the road the accumulated damage from these little fears, unnamed, unclaimed and unnoticed, emerge as pain in my soul. The pain is … Read More

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/änˈwē/ noun a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement. “he succumbed to ennui and despair” As I sit here trying to think about what I should jot down here, I’m imagining I’m walking in stiff … Read More