Anger, Disguised, Misnamed

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When I think anger I’m usually thinking about rage, uncontrollable and destructive.

But rage is only one term for anger but the easiest to spot.

Here are some other words that mean anger.

I’ve broken them out is categories these aren’t taken from a psychological study, they’re my own and I’ve experiences all of them.


Small Craft WarningGale Warning Full Gale
animosity acrimony blow up
annoyance dander cat fit
chagrin enmity conniption
displeasure exasperation fury
huff gall hatred
impatience ill humor hissy fit
irritability ill temper mad
irritation indignation outrage
miff resentment rage
peevishness slow burn storm
pique soreness tantrum
umbrage stew temper
vexation tiff violence

Small Craft Warning: Here’s where I start with anger, but I call it something else. My first reaction is that these are justified. Someone or something is messing with me. Feelings are just that, but it’s where I take them that matters. Do I work it out with the offender, thing or issue that pushed my button? Do I ask if this is a legitimate boundary violation or do I want to engage in a senseless fight or tilt at ideological windmills?

It’s best to take preventative measures here.

Do I bury it and store it in my anger vault (more on that later)

Gale Warning: There’s still time to avoid having to make a major amend. When I reach this category I’m in danger of causing harm to other’s or myself. Maybe not physical harm but the type of harm that lasts a long-long time. Sometimes the harm here needs special professional help to begin healing.

Not acting here is a decision to accept some damage for righteousness sake.

Or, if it really matters you can move straight to the Disaster category.

Full Gale: No getting away with it. There’s major damage here: violence, divorce, broken friendships, lost jobs, road rage, death, etc. If this category of anger doesn’t land you in jail expect to either have a lot of damage to repair or a very lonely life.

Anger can protect me. It’s a warning about a boundary violation or, possibly, eminent danger.

If I recognize the threat and follow it to its source I can take appropriate action.

Addressing the problems associated with “Gale Warnings” and “Disaster” is possible but addressing “Small Craft Warnings” is preferable.

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