The Wounds in My Soul

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My soul was wounded at birth by lies that I took as true, about myself and the world. I was raised with fear as my teacher.

I learn to hate my wounds. I was ashamed. I tried to hide them.

I didn’t want to see them, because it made me aware of pain. Shame blocked me from telling anyone about them or asking for help.

I was convinced that nothing could heal them.

My wounds festered and throbbed until no distraction or drug would let me ignore them. I had to deal with the wounds or die.

I cried out to the universe. I offered bargains I couldn’t keep. There was no answer.

Collapsing, I begged the earth to take me, I surrendered to the pain.

That still, small voice asked, “Are you done?” “Yes” I said.

Gradually, I was transported community for the wounded to heal.

I’m now connected with other wounded souls.

We support each other as we cleanse and heal our wounds.

I began cleansing my wounds clearing away the dirt and rot.

It has taken a long time and I’m not finished yet.

Dealing with my wounds has opened me to my soul and the wounds are the portal.

I look into my soul. I see the divine, a piece of the universe, and my genius within.

I’m connected with other souls, each has genius and plays a part in creation.

I am divinely created. I contain a fragment from the first burst of energy from the beginning. I was born with a genius, a gift for me to give to the universe. I have access to the divine energy that powers me.

My genius tells me how I’m to participate in the ongoing creation of the universe. It is uniquely mine.

I connect to the soul of the Earth and the universe.

I connect with the divine.

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