Stepping Back From Ego

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More and more I’ve come to understand that I become confused when my Ego yells loudly to overcome my soul.

My Ego is always afraid, suspicious, judgmental and overbearing. At its best it wants to protect me but when I attach myself too strongly to it I lose contact with my Soul.

My Ego tries to give me it’s version of reality but it’s up to me to step back from it and let the divine spark in my Soul inform me. Is it true? What’s at risk? What’s the loving response?

Ego was exerting itself the other day. I began to react from Ego to fellow who I’m coming to see as an energy suck (judgment).  I withdrew from the conversation when I became aware that Ego waspushing me to attack him. Continuing this would have caused a meltdown and damaged several relationships.

I don’t know his story or his history very well. He’s coming from a place it’s impossible for me to know. He’s shared some of it but not enough for me to judge.

I put a word in for him in my prayer journal. I want to have compassion for him. I wish him well. I pray a door opens for him to receive what he needs and wants.

By doing this I became free of the burden of resentment towards him and became free to continue loving him.

I don’t know what he needs or wants so it would be damaging to offer anything but acceptance and love.

When I’m able to handle each situation where Ego tries to generate fear and confusion with acceptance and love I’m able to be of service to creator and all my relations.

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