Don’t Feed the Trolls

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troll noun: troll; plural noun: trolls

An article with a definition –

From Tech Terms – computer dictionary

Trolls are typically thought of as scary creatures that live underneath bridges. While these mythical creatures may only exist in legend, “Internet trolls” …Read More

Trollingdefinition – tolling is a commercial fishing term for throwing out a long line with many hooks on it.

My experience with tolls is that they are hungry creatures, hungry for attention and validation.

They fish for their nourishment by vomiting the ugly mess in their ego and wait for someone to bite. If they get a bite they can take the nourishment and vomit even more of their toxicity.

Don’t feed them. Don’t respond.

By not responding you force them to eat their own stuff and eventually go away. You may have to ignore several attempts to hook you.

How I spot a troll.

A troll can be a white supremacist, left wing anarchist, religious zealot (of any creed or sect), a self-acknowledged expert on any subject and it can be me. It’s toxic self-righteousness.

A troll’s opinion will have little or no attribution other than those that support their view, and will contain facts that aren’t or can’t be independently verified.

I try to examine what I’m saying to ensure I don’t fall into my ego’s trap and become a troll.

In general don’t take the bait.

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