First Post Belly Flop

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Here it is time to splash some water.

The sole purpose here is for me to share some pieces of myself. There is no agenda.

I will share my spiritual journey and some of my earth walk. I’m pass on my favorite pod casts, poets, writers, lessons learned and world view.

It’s not my intent to impose my views on others and would appreciate that commenters return the favor.

If you find something I say useful, please own it and be responsible for any actions you take (see Advice under don’t want below).

I’m unique but any wisdom apparent here is not unique to me.

What I want from this blog

  • Be heard
  • Share with other via comments
  • To listen to your story
  • Connection

What I don’t want

  • Teaching
  • Preaching
  • Advice (unless I specifically ask for it and I’ll refrain from offering any)
  • Sales people
  • Politicking


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