What’s the matter with kids today?

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What’s the matter with kids today?

This was a question posed in the musical comedy “Bye Bye Birdie”. Link… (starts with ad)

It’s a question generations of parents have been asking forever.

Currently the rage is to rag on millennials.

They are described as lazy, entitled, having useless degrees, no work ethic, and tons of student debt (paying for useless degrees).

The generation doing the ragging claims to – have worked harder, suffered longer, and of course knew better.

I never read where these generational critics actually listen to younger folks. I mean, without judgement.

Another difficulty I’ve observed in generational critics (including myself at times) is in sharing experience without trying to invalidate all other experiences.

This all goes both ways.

All generational critics try to invalidate those before and those after.

We’re caught in a cycle of hearing but not listening, assuming without verifying.

Listen, test assumptions, and see the other generations from the perspective of their time.

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