The Little Self

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The little self is a way to describe the Ego. In his writing and podcasts, Michael Meade describes how the Ego or the conscious sense of self deals with the day to day interactions with our world. 

The problem is we’ve been raised to have our Ego informed by society and the world at large. 

Much of this information is false, filled with anger and negativity that pounds on our emotions until we react in ways that aren’t healthy. Our relationship with our partner, our social group and society become contentious. Bad information contained in the ego drives decisions I make concerning how I impact the environment daily.

This bad information that I take for truth is destructive.

So what should inform the Ego?

The answer is the divine. Our connection it the divine is in our greater self – the soul.

The soul is that part of me that is eternal and ageless. It contains the instructions for how I am meant to live. It is connected to the divine through the soul of the Earth via the universe. It also connects me to other souls, all my relatives.

By digging deep and touching my soul my little self gets informed by the divine.

To make sure my soul is available to me I have to root out the negative false data that gets stuck in my little self. Much like a memory cache of a computer it gets clogged with code from outdated programs or even viruses and malware.

Ego needs to be cleansed daily from the little self to make room for divine inspiration. I can’t live in this world by being conscious of only my soul. I need divinely informed ego to help me interact positively with the planet and society.

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